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Lance in front of downtown New York.
Lance Ulanoff

A 37-year industry veteran and award-winning journalist, Lance has covered technology since PCs were the size of suitcases and "on line" meant "waiting." He's a former Lifewire Editor-in-Chief, Mashable Editor-in-Chief and, before that, Editor in Chief of and Senior Vice President of Content for Ziff Davis, Inc. He also wrote a popular, weekly tech column for Medium called The Upgrade. Lance makes frequent appearances on national, international, and local news programs including Live with Kelly and Ryan, Fox News, Fox Business, the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNBC, CNN and the BBC. 

Marc McLaren
Marc McLaren

Marc has been in tech journalism for more than a decade, having previously been UK Editor-in-Chief on TechRadar's sister site Tom’s Guide and Editor of the tech website Stuff. He also spent five years at the music magazine NME during a long editorial career that started the week that Google launched (nice of them to mark the occasion). He’s tested and written about phones, tablets, wearables, streaming boxes, smart home devices, headphones, games, TVs, cameras and pretty much every other type of gadget you can think of, and is inordinately proud of his Wordle streak. 

Josie Watson with dog
Josephine Watson

Josephine Watson is TechRadar's Managing Editor for Lifestyle (Cameras, Fitness and Homes). Josephine has previously written on a variety of topics, from pop culture to gaming and even the energy industry, joining TechRadar to support general site management. She is a huge advocate for internet safety and education, and has also made a point of using her position to fight for progression in the treatment of diversity and inclusion, mental health, and neurodiversity in corporate settings. Generally, you'll find her watching Disney movies, playing on her Switch, or showing people pictures of her cats, Mr. Smith and Heady

Image of writer Matt Hanson
Matt Hanson

Matt is TechRadar's Managing Editor for Core Tech, looking after computing and mobile technology. Having written for a number of publications such as PC Plus, PC Format, T3 and Linux Format, there's no aspect of technology that Matt isn't passionate about, especially computing and PC gaming. Ever since he got an Amiga A500+ for Christmas in 1991, he's loved using (and playing on) computers, and will talk endlessly about how The Secret of Monkey Island is the best game ever made.

Matthew Bolton headshot against grey background
Matt Bolton

Matt is TechRadar's Managing Editor for Entertainment, meaning he's in charge of persuading our team of reviewers to watch gorgeous TVs and listen to fantastic speakers and headphones. It's a tough task, as you can imagine. Matt has over a decade of experience in tech publishing, and previously ran the TV & audio coverage for our colleagues at, and before that he edited T3 magazine. During his career, he's also contributed to places as varied as Creative Bloq, PC Gamer, PetsRadar, MacLife, and Edge. TV and movie nerdism is his speciality, and he goes to the cinema three times a week. He's always happy to explain the virtues of Dolby Vision over a drink, but he might need to use props, like he's explaining the offside rule.

Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson

Mark is TechRadar's Senior news editor. Having worked in tech journalism for a ludicrous 17 years, Mark is now attempting to break the world record for the number of camera bags hoarded by one person. He was previously Cameras Editor at Trusted Reviews, Acting editor on, as well as Features editor and Reviews editor on Stuff magazine. As a freelancer, he's contributed to titles including The Sunday Times, FourFourTwo and Arena. And in a former life, he also won The Daily Telegraph's Young Sportswriter of the Year. But that was before he discovered the strange joys of getting up at 4am for a photo shoot in London's Square Mile. 

Mike McNally

Mike McNally is the Chief Sub-Editor at Techradar. The others may write the words, but it's Mike who molds them into the beautiful prose you see before your very eyes.


A close-up photo of a man's face in high contrast with dark facial hair and green eyes
Alex Walker-Todd

Alex joined as TechRadar's Senior Phones Editor in June 2022, but brings over a decade's worth of experience to the role, with an expertise in smartphones, tablets and wearables. He's covered keynotes hosted by the biggest brands and attended the launches for some of the most influential mobile products of the last few years. While the mobile space is where Alex operates on a daily basis, his profession paired with his natural passion for technology has allowed him to test everything from automotive audio to the latest virtual reality hardware.

Philip Berne headshot
Philip Berne

Phil Berne is a preeminent voice in consumer electronics reviews, having reviewed his first device (the Sony D-EJ01 Discman) more than 20 years ago for He has been writing about phones and mobile technology, since before the iPhone, for a variety of sites including PCMag, infoSync, PhoneScoop, and Slashgear. Phil was the internal reviewer for Samsung Mobile, writing opinions and review predictions about top secret new devices months before launch. He worked at an Apple Store near Boston, MA, at the height of iPod popularity. He has been a High School English teacher at Title I schools, and is a certified Lifeguard. His passion is smartphones and wearables, and he is sure that the next big thing will be phones we wear on our faces.

Axel Metz Vanilla PP
Axel Metz

Axel is a London-based Staff Writer for Phones at TechRadar, reporting on the latest mobile technology news, including smartphones, tablets, and the technologies that drive them. Having previously written for publications including Esquire and FourFourTwo, Axel is well-versed in the applications of technology beyond the desktop, and a degree in English Literature means he can occasionally be spotted slipping Hemingway quotes into stories about electric sports cars.

Profile photo of Michael Allison. Square
Michael Allison

Michael Allison is a tech writer and editor who has a keen interest in all things related to technology and innovation. At TechRadar, he covers a wide range of topics, from smartphones and wearables to tablets and more. He previously wrote for Digital Trends and Android Central, where he also covered mobile. Michael has a rich and varied academic background in law, philosophy, and creative writing. He studied at two prestigious universities in the UK, Kent, and Surrey. In the former, he earned a second-class honors degree in law and philosophy, and in the latter, a Merit in creative writing. He has a strong sense of curiosity and creativity that drives his writing style and voice. Michael is also an avid reader who particularly enjoys sci-fi and fantasy. He also considers himself a gym rat who loves to challenge himself and improve his fitness level.


John Loeffler
John Loeffler

John (He / Him / His) is TechRadar's Components Editor in the US and is also a programmer, gamer, activist, and Brooklyn College alum currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Named by the CTA as a CES 2020 Media Trailblazer for his science and technology reporting, John specializes in all areas of computer science, including industry news, hardware reviews, PC gaming, as well as general science writing and the social impact of the tech industry.

Michelle Rae Uy profile photo
Michelle Rae Uy

Michelle Rae Uy is the Computing Reviews and Buying Guides Editor here at TechRadar. She's a Los Angeles-based tech, travel and lifestyle writer covering a wide range of topics, from computing to the latest in green commutes to the best hiking trails. She's an ambivert who enjoys communing with nature and traveling for months at a time just as much as watching movies and playing sim games at home. That also means that she has a lot more avenues to explore in terms of understanding how tech can improve the different aspects of our lives. 

Picrew image of Christian Guyton, designed by the artist Makowka.
Christian Guyton

Christian is TechRadar's UK-based Computing Editor. He came to us from Maximum PC magazine, where he fell in love with computer hardware and building PCs. He was a regular fixture amongst our freelance review team before making the jump to TechRadar, and can usually be found drooling over the latest high-end graphics card or gaming laptop before looking at his bank account balance and crying.

Allisa James
Allisa James

Allisa has been freelancing at TechRadar for nine months before officially joining as a Computing Staff Writer. She mainly covers breaking new and rumors in the tech industry, and does reviews and featured articles for the site. Before she delved into tech, she was a writer and editor in the gaming industry for several years. She has bylines with DualShockers, Gampur, TheGamer, Uppercut, Tom's Guide, and much more. 

Headshot of Muskaan
Muskaan Saxena

Muskaan is TechRadar’s UK-based Computing writer. She is a passionate writer, and has had her creative work published in several literary journals and magazines. Her debut into the writing world was a poem published in The Times of Zambia, on the subject of sunflowers and the insignificance of human existence in comparison. Growing up in Zambia, Muskaan was fascinated with technology, especially computers, and she's joined TechRadar to write about the latest GPUs, laptops and everything computing-related. She's also somehow managed to install a game on her work MacBook's Touch Bar, without the IT department finding out (yet).


Timothy Coleman
Timothy Coleman

Tim is the Cameras editor at TechRadar. He has enjoyed more than 15 years in the photo video industry with most of those in the world of tech journalism. During his time as Deputy Technical Editor with Amateur Photographer, as a freelancer and consequently editor at Tech Radar, Tim has developed a deeply technical knowledge and practical experience with cameras, educating others through news, reviews and features. He’s also worked in video production for Studio 44 with clients including Canon, and volunteers his spare time to consult a non-profit, diverse stories team based in Nairobi. Tim is curious, a keen creative, avid footballer and runner, and moderate flat white drinker who has lived in Kenya and believes we have much to enjoy and learn from each other.


Headshot of a young man
Matt Evans

With a Master's Degree in journalism from Cardiff University, Matt started his digital journalism career at Men's Health, where he earned his stripes in health and fitness reporting. Since then, his byline has appeared in a wide variety of publications and sites including Runner's World, Women's Health, Men's Fitness, LiveScience and Fit&Well on everything from exercise, to nutrition, to mental health, alongside covering extreme sports for Red Bull. When he's not training or writing about health and fitness, he can be found reading doorstop-thick fantasy books with lots of fictional maps in them.


Jennifer Oksien headshot
Jennifer Oksien

Jennifer Oksien is TechRadar's Homes Editor, overseeing all appliance and home security content on the site. Jennifer has previously written about a range of topics, from TV and audio to homewares, plus a range of small and large appliances for some of the UKs leading retailers and magazine titles. She is based on the Bristol / Bath border. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys getting stuck-in the latest Netflix series - or another series from other digital streaming platforms which she's heard on the grapevine - in the evenings, or digging in the garden during the day-time.


Al Griffin

Al Griffin is Senior Editor - Home Entertainment, US at TechRadar. Previously the editor of Sound & Vision magazine, he brings nearly three decades of journalism experience to the position, and has contributed to a wide range of print and online outlets including The Wirecutter, ProjectorCentral, The SoundStage! Network, Popular Science, and HD Guru. An ISF-trained video calibrator, Al specializes in TV and projector testing and has also written countless audio equipment reviews ranging from speakers and subwoofers to turntables. An avowed movie fanatic, he spends his free time holed up in his home theater, and is also an avid cyclist.

a headshot of amelia schwanke
Amelia Schwanke

Meet Amelia, TechRadar's Senior Editor for Home Entertainment in the UK. With more than eight years experience running the day-to-day production for well-respected tech and finance publications - her previous titles include Editor-In-Chief of Opto magazine and Senior Journalist at Institutional Investor - today you'll find her on the hunt for the latest and best hardware to enhance your home theater experience. In the ever-evolving world of home entertainment, Amelia is dedicated to keeping our readers up to speed on market trends and innovations. When she's not tinkering with the latest tech, you’ll find her watching movies, taking pictures on her Sony A7 and exploring the great outdoors. 

Becky Scarrott
Becky Scarrott

Becky is a senior staff writer at TechRadar (which she has been assured refers to expertise rather than age) focusing on all things audio. Before joining the team, she spent three years at What Hi-Fi? testing and reviewing everything from wallet-friendly wireless earbuds to huge high-end sound systems. Prior to gaining her MA in Journalism in 2018, Becky freelanced as an arts critic alongside a 22-year career as a professional dancer and aerialist – any love of dance starts with a love of music. Becky has previously contributed to Stuff, FourFourTwo and The Stage. When not writing, she can still be found throwing shapes in a dance studio, these days with varying degrees of success.


Tom Power
Tom Power

As TechRadar's entertainment reporter, Tom can be found covering all of the latest movies, TV shows, and streaming service news that you need to know about. An NCTJ-accredited journalist, Tom also writes reviews, analytical articles, opinion pieces, and interview-led features on the biggest franchises, actors, directors and other industry leaders. Away from work, Tom can found checking out the latest video games, immersing himself in his favorite sporting pastime of football, and petting every dog he comes across in the outside world.


Hamish Hector Inglis
Hamish Hector

Hamish is a Staff Writer for TechRadar, having previously written for the site and Gfinity Esports as a freelance writer. He has been writing about tech and gaming for multiple years, and now lends his experience to cover news and reviews across everything on TechRadar (from Computing to Audio to Gaming and the rest). In his free time, you'll likely find Hamish humming show tunes while building Lego or playing D&D with his mates.


James Pickard headshot
James Pickard

James Pickard is the Senior Deals Editor at TechRadar. After many years of scouring the net for the cheapest games and tech for his own personal use, he decided to make it his job to share those bargains with you. James also has over five years of experience covering some of the biggest sales events of the year at Eurogamer and VG247, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day. When not deals hunting, James can be found on the PS5, watching a classic film noir or cheering on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Mackenzie Frazier
Mackenzie Frazier

Mackenzie Frazier is the deals editor in the US for TechRadar at Future. She's been sharing deal advice for Future for the past three years and loves to find products that the consumer wants at the best possible price. She's had eight years of experience working in the e-commerce space and loves being a mom to her baby boy.

Alex Whitelock author pic
Alex Whitelock

Alex is deals editor at Future PLC and an all-around expert at one thing - saving readers as much cash as possible while scoring them the best products for their needs. With content that's always packed full of helpful information, no-nonsense expertise, and of course deals, Alex has also written for other leading sites such as T3 and GamesRadar. At work, you'll find him mostly covering computing, gaming, and advising people on how to save on their cell phone plans. Outside of work, you'll find him playing guitar, indulging his love for music, or down at the local climbing gym mostly hanging off boulders far too difficult for his abilities.


Matt Phillips headshot
Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips is a Senior Video Producer for TechRadar. He has professional experience in Animation, Script Writing, Radio Production, Screen Production, Web Design and a lot more. Matt has worked in both a studio, and freelance capacity with several companies. He has managed many projects to conclusion, and have taken on a wide variety of responsibilities giving me a well-rounded skill set.


Jake Tucker bio picture
Jake Tucker

Jake Tucker is the editor in chief of TechRadar Gaming and has worked at sites like NME, MCV, Trusted Reviews and many more. He collects vinyl, likes first-person shooters and hates writing bios. 

Aleksha McLoughlin

Aleksha McLoughlin is the Hardware Editor for TechRadar Gaming and oversees all hardware coverage for the site. She looks after buying guides, writes hardware reviews, news, and features as well as manages the hardware team. Before joining TRG she was the Hardware Editor for sister publication GamesRadar+ and she has also been PC Guide's Hardware Specialist. She has also contributed hardware content to the likes of Trusted Reviews, The Metro, Expert Reviews, and Android Central. When she isn't working, you'll often find her in mosh pits at metal gigs and festivals or listening to whatever new black and death metal has debuted that week.

Profile Picture
Cat Bussell

Cat Bussell is a Staff Writer at TechRadar Gaming. Hailing from the crooked spires of London, Cat is an experienced writer and journalist. As seen on, and, Cat is here to bring you coverage from all corners of the video game world. An inveterate RPG maven and strategy game enjoyer, Cat is known for her love of rich narratives; both story-driven and emergent. 

Before migrating to the green pastures of games journalism, Cat worked as a political advisor and academic. She has three degrees and has studied and worked at Cambridge University, University College London, and Queen Mary University of London. She's also been an art gallery curator, an ice cream maker, and a cocktail mixologist. This crash course in NPC lifestyles uniquely qualifies her to pick apart only the juiciest video games for your reading pleasure. 

Headshot of Elie Gould
Elie Gould

Elie is a features writer for TechRadar Gaming, here to write about anything new or slightly weird. Before writing for TRG, Elie studied for a Masters at Cardiff University JOMEC in International Journalism and Documentaries – spending their free time filming short docs or editing the gaming section for their student publications. 

Elie’s first step into gaming was through Pokemon. The video games came later, but it was the trading card game that caught her eye and led to Elie owning an extensive playing card collection (They would tell you how many are PSA 10, but they don't want to get robbed). 

When it’s not Pokémon, it's got to be horror. Any and every game that would keep you up at night is on their list to play. 

Rhys profile pic
Rhys Wood

Rhys is a Staff Writer for TechRadar, and while relatively fresh to the role, he's been writing in a professional capacity for years. A Media, Writing and Production graduate, Rhys has prior experience creating written content for HR companies, restaurants, app developers, IT sites and toy sellers. His true passions, though, lie in video games, TV, audio and home entertainment. When Rhys isn't on the clock, you'll usually find him logged into Final Fantasy 14.

TechRadar Pro

Desire Athow
Désiré Athow

Désiré has been musing and writing about technology during a career spanning four decades. He dabbled in website building and web hosting when DHTML and frames were en vogue and started writing about the impact of technology on society just before the start of the Y2K hysteria at the turn of the last millennium. Then followed a weekly tech column in a local business magazine in Mauritius, a late night tech radio programme called Clicplus and a freelancing gig at the now-defunct, Theinquirer, with the legendary Mike Magee as mentor. Following an eight-year stint at where he discovered the joys of global techfests, Désiré now heads up TechRadar Pro. He has an affinity for anything hardware and staunchly refuses to stop writing reviews of obscure products or cover niche B2B software-as-a-service providers.

Mike Moore profile pic
Mike Moore

Mike Moore is Deputy Editor for TechRadar Pro. He has worked as a B2B and B2C tech journalist for nearly a decade, including at one of the UK's leading national newspapers, and when he's not keeping track of all the latest enterprise and workplace trends, can most likely be found watching, following or taking part in some kind of sport.

Abigail Opiah
Abigail Opiah

Abigail is a B2B Editor that specializes in Web Hosting and Website Builder news at TechRadar Pro. She has been a B2B journalist for more than four years covering a wide range of topics in the technology sector from colocation and cloud to data centers and telecommunications at Data Economy and Capacity Media. 

Steve Clark - B2B Editor - Creative
Steve Clark

Steve is Techradar Pro’s B2B Editor for Creative where he zeroes in on the creative apps that keep companies competitive. He loves writing about the importance of UI/UX design to attract, retain, and convert users. 

Collin Probst
Collin Probst

Collin is the B2B Hardware Editor for TechRadar Pro. He has been in journalism for years with experience in both small and large markets including Gearadical, DailyBeast, FutureNet and more.

Luke Hughes against a white background
Luke Hughes

Luke Hughes holds the role of Graduate Writer at TechRadar Pro, producing news, features and deals content across topics ranging from computing to cloud services, cybersecurity, data privacy and business software.

Lewis Maddison

Lewis Maddison is a Graduate Junior Writer at TechRadar Pro, covering areas from online security to the usage habits of technology in both personal and professional settings. His main areas of interest lie in technology as it relates to social, political and economic issues around the world, and revels in uncovering stories that might not otherwise see the light of day.


TechRadar Australia Editorial

Sharmishta Sarkar
Sharmishta Sarkar

Sharmishta is TechRadar's APAC Managing Editor and loves all things photography, something she discovered while chasing monkeys in the wilds of India (she studied to be a primatologist but has left monkey business behind). While she's happiest with a camera in her hand, she's also an avid reader and has become quite the expert on ereaders and E Ink writing tablets, having appeared on Singaporean radio to talk about these underrated devices. Other than looking after the day-to-day functioning of TechRadar in AU, SG and NZ, she also contributes to Digital Camera World, Tom's Guide and T3, while also helping produce two of Future's photography print magazines in Australia.

Jasmine Gearie
Jasmine Gearie

Jasmine Gearie is an ecommerce editor at TechRadar Australia, with a primary focus on helping readers cut through the jargon to find the best mobile and internet plans for their needs. She crunches the numbers to maintain dedicated guides to the latest phones, NBN and broadband plans of all types, and covers the important telco industry news. She also hunts down tech deals on laptops, phones, gaming consoles and more, so readers know where to buy the products they want for the cheapest prices.

Petra Player, Writer TechRadar AU
Petra Player

Petra is new to the industry, but has had a long-time love of tech, gaming and entertainment, which she now gets to indulge by writing for TechRadar. She’s also keen on sharing news about deals and discounts in the APAC region – with a background in archaeology, she’ll dig deep to find the best deals and, thanks to her long history in retail, knows what makes a good bargain. She also is a bit of a keyboard hobbyist, having found enjoyment with mechanical keyboards during 2020’s lockdown, and has big plans to build a fully custom matching keyboard and PC in the near future.

A black-and-white image of TechRadar writer James Cutler
James Cutler

James covers news, analysis and reviews in the APAC region, with a particular focus on smartphones, TVs and home entertainment, AR/VR and gaming. He's worked for over six years in broadcast, digital and print journalism in Australia and also spent time as a nationally recognised academic specialising in social and digital behaviour trends. In his spare time, he can typically be found bouncing between one of a number of gaming platforms or watching anything horror.


Kevin Addley

Kevin has held a number of marketing and business roles for leading digital organisations. He joined Future in March 2023, from Audible, where he was the UK Country Manager. Prior to his role at Audible, he was VP Marketing and International Operations, responsible for all aspects of revenue growth for the UK business as well as supporting their expansion across the globe. He joined Audible from parent company Amazon, where he was responsible for its primary traffic-driving channels.

Paul Newman

Paul is responsible for Future’s market-leading Tech portfolio, comprising brands including TechRadar, T3, Tom’s Hardware and Computeractive. He began his career in technology journalism in 1999, writing explainers to help people get online and interviewing some of the biggest players during the dot com boom, before moving into creative development and brand management. TechRadar’s parent company Future PLC has been the market leading tech publisher in the US and UK (as reported by Comscore) for nearly two years under Paul’s leadership.

Neville Daniels

Neville qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG where he worked in UK and New Zealand offices before joining Future plc in May 2001 as Financial Controller. In 2008 Neville worked on the launch of Future’s Australian business, and was made Managing Director in 2010. Since then he has overseen organic growth and acquisitions in print and digital channels for Future’s business in the APAC region.


TechRadar Nordics Editorial

Daniel Hessel

Daniel Hessel is our Nordic Editor-in-chief. He's a tech journalist that has been reviewing home eletronics since 2009. 

Elina Blom Westergren
Elina Blom Westergren

Elina Blom Westergren was our editor-in-chief for TechRadar Nordic, which includes: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. She has worked as a tech journalist since 2009, both as a reporter and in different editor roles. During her carreer she's reviewed home electronics, gadgets and machines for Swedens biggest tech media companies, and is one of the most well known and experienced tech journalists in her field. If she has to pick a favorite thing to review that would probably be robot lawn mowers.

Peter Hoffmann
Peter Hoffmann

Peter Hoffmann is a journalist who has pretty much always been involved with technology in some way, so there is no doubt that he has ended up in the right place at TechRadar. He's particularly fond of audio, and often focuses on headphones and speakers of all kinds. He is also focusing on the many new products that make it easier to work from home. In general, he is also always on the lookout for those special and slightly different products that are new and relevant, even if they may not fit into the traditional product groups.

Michael Kilschow Hansen
Michael Kilschow Hansen

Michael has worked as a journalist for almost his entire working life - and has over the years dealt with online news media, radio, television, magazines, magazines, music and film journalism. Michael has been part of the TechRadar Denmark team since January 2021.He loves his iPhone, his iPad and his iMac - but in a non-religious way, and is fiercely curious about what other tech brands have to offer.Work and hobbies blend in beautiful fashion when it comes to writing about streaming services and their content, new premieres of series, films and exciting documentaries.

Kristian Borten

Kristian works as a freelance writer for TechRadar Denmark and is interested in news about tech and consumer electronics. Kristian covers everything from the latest in computer and smartphone development to upcoming games, product reviews, industry news and basically everything you hope to find on TechRadar.

Olivia Espersen

Olivia is a journalist who is interested in all aspects of technology and likes to write about everything tech. She is addicted to her iPhone and listens to podcasts as many hours a day as she can get away with.

Vivi Knudsen
Vivi Knudsen

Vivi has several years of experience in a wide range of topics. She has worked in the tech industry and with other high-profile companies with focus on news, reviews, guides, and ideas for problem solving. She loves being able to help people find ways and products that can make everyday life a little easier. Furthermore, Vivi has been working in the music and entertainment industry throughout Europe for most of her life and she has great passion for music, movies and streaming.

Markus Mesiä
Markus Mesiä

Markus is a tech, gaming and sport journalist, who has worked in the field for over 10 years in several Finnish websites. Gaming, sport, metal music, new technology and bad jokes are so close to his heart, that whenever these passions can overlap, he makes sure they do.

Joonas Pikkarainen
Joonas Pikkarainen

Joonas is a tech and gaming journalist, who has worked in the field for nearly 20 years in several Finnish magazines and websites. Lifelong appreciation of new technology, gaming, movies and everything in between has fueled his passion into journalism to find out about everything new and upcoming in the field of tech.

Noora Muittari
Geir Tandberg Steigan

Geir a writer, author and illustrator with a background from web development back to the 1990s. He has also worked with encyclopedias and other types of communication. He has a special fondness for storytelling – and for Apple products and user interfaces.

Geir has worked with the Norwegian TechRadar branch since 2018.

John Fredrik Kristiansen
John F. Kristiansen

John has been freakishly interested in computers and electronics since an early age, has studied electronic engineering and film production. He's a journalist with a flair for scrutinizing the nitty-gritty details of any gadget, not to mention a passion for films, music and gaming.

Truls Steinung
Truls Steinung

Truls Steinung has been with TechRadar Nordic since the beginning in 2018, and he has more than 10 years of experience as a tech journalist for a variety of outlets. He mainly focuses on product reviews, and he's especially knowledgeable when it comes to audio, mobile, PC, smart home and network products.

Nina Aasen
Amanda Westberg

Amanda Westberg has been with TechRadar Sweden since the launch. She's the content producer for the swedish site, which means she keeps a close eye on the daily work on the site and is responsible for the quality of the content.

Petter Mattsson

In September 2021, Petter joined TechRadar's Swedish editorial team to write and localize news articles, buying guides and reviews. Since 2022, he's also involved in coordinating and writing original content in collaboration with one of TechRadar's partners.

Peter Ståhlbrand

Peter Ståhlbrand works as a writer for TechRadar in Sweden, where he likes to write about sport and entertainment. He is responsible for the sport parts of the HTW segment.

Johan Winsborn
Johan Winsborn

Johan Winsborn has worked as a freelancer at TechRadar since 2018. Johan is crazy about music and everything that sounds. That's why he likes to write about headphones, speakers and turntables. As something of a nerd, he also has a penchant for computers, smartphones and pretty much all the gadgets that make digital life a little more fun.


TechRadar Italy Editorial

Valerio Porcu
Valerio Porcu

Valerio Porcu è Redattore Capo e Project Manager di TechRadar Italia.


TechRadar Benelux Editorial

benelux editor in chief
Bram Lodewijks

Bram is de hoofdredacteur van TechRadar Benelux en is al jarenlang een trouwe Android-gebruiker. Hij schrijft met plezier over alles wat met consumententechnologie te maken. Na het werk vind je hem gewoonlijk voor zijn Nintendo Switch, al dan niet met een glas rosé erbij.

Arend Eyckerman
Arend Eyckerman

Arend is een redacteur met een brede achtergrond en interesse in alles dat met technologie te maken heeft, of het nu online of offline is. Naast het knutselen met computers leert hij zichzelf programmeren met zijn Raspberry Pi-collectie en heeft hij een hekel aan NFT’s.

Marloes Urff
Marloes Urff

Marloes werkt als redacteur voor TechRadar Benelux. Groot fan van lezen, motorsport, tech en games, met voor elk thema iets om aan te bevelen. Ontkent het bestaan van Jak: The Lost Frontier.

Jouri Altorf

Jouri is redacteur voor TechRadar Benelux en schrijft het liefst over gaming en esports.


TechRadar Spain Editorial

Anastasia Lazaridis
Anastasia Lazaridis (Tasia)

Tasia es ingeniera informática y le gusta todo tipo de tecnología, pero los ordenadores y portátiles son sus preferidos. Nacida y criada en España, y con raíces alemanas y griegas, te contará todo siempre desde la mayor objetividad y sinceridad posible.

Antonio Romero
Antonio Romero

Antonio es redactor en TechRadar España por el día, y guitarrista de blues y friki de los cómics por la noche. ¿O era al revés? También es cinéfilo, le da al gaming, a los ordenadores y a los móviles. Aún está superando lo de Tony Stark, pero se pondrá bien.


Franziska Schaub
Franziska Schaub

Franziska Schaub ist Chefredakteurin bei TechRadar Deutschland und unter anderem verantwortlich für die Bereiche Smartphones, Tablets und Fitness. Du möchtest, dass dein Produkt bei uns vorgestellt wird oder hast Neuigkeiten, die wir unbedingt in die Welt hinausstreuen sollen? Dann melde dich am besten unter fschaub[at]

Bild des Redakteurs Christopher Barnes
Christopher Barnes

Ich bin Chris und beschäftige mich für TechRadar vor allem mit den Bereichen Filme/ Serien, TV, Grafikkarten und Gaming - im Speziellen alles rund um Xbox. Ursprünglich habe ich in Stuttgart Film- und Fernsehtechnik sowie Drehbuch-Schreiben studiert. Da ich allerdings nicht nur schon immer großer Filmliebhaber, sondern auch leidenschaftlicher Gamer war und es zudem liebe zu schreiben, habe ich mich für den Journalismus in diesem Bereich entschieden. 

Erreichbar bin ich unter der Mail-Adresse cbarnes[at]

Michael Winkel Editor TR Germany
Michael Winkel

Ich bin Michael und ich beschäftige mich vor allem mit den Themen Gaming, Nintendo und Audio. Noch bevor es mich zu TechRadar Deutschland verschlagen hat, absolvierte ich an der Akademie für Neue Medien eine Kompaktausbildung zum Crossmedia-Journalisten. Dort lernte ich nicht nur das journalistische Handwerk, sondern auch wie man moderiert und gute Kurzfilme produziert. Nun bin ich bei TechRadar Deutschland als Volontär gelandet und tierisch froh, leidenschaftlich über Videospiele, Gaming und Tech zu schreiben.

Erreichbar bin ich unter mwinkel[at]

Christian Schmidt Profilbild
Christian Schmidt

Hi, ich bin Christian und bei TechRadar Deutschland als Business Development Manager tätig. Bei allen Fragen rund um Gastbeiträge sowie Native Advertising bin ich die richtige Adresse!

Darüber hinaus lasse ich aber auch mein Know-How im PC-Hardware-Segment, den TV- und Serienbereich sowie rund um meinen heißgeliebten Xbox Game Pass in die redaktionelle Gestaltung unserer Seite einfließen.
Insbesondere im Gaming-Segment kann ich durch meine unzähligen Spielstunden und langjährigen Kenntnisse überzeugen, bin aber auch immer offen für neue Vorschläge und innovative Konzepte der Industrie.

Erreichbar bin ich unter der Mailadresse cschmidt[at]

William Schubert
William Schubert

William Schubert ist Freier Content Creator bei TechRadar Deutschland und für die Bereiche YouTube, Gaming, Filme und Serien und VR zuständig.

Wenn du ein Produkt auf unserem YouTube-Kanal vorstellen willst, dann melde dich gerne bei mir (wschubert[at]


David Fernandes
Clio Leonard

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