Get peace of mind with world-class security

Ultra-secure offline funds. Best-in-class software. Private Key Management

Database Key IconCold Storage

95% of all funds are stored in offline cold wallets

  • Distributed across the world in hyper secure facilities in locations that specialize in physically securing valuable items
  • Multi-signature validation means that no one can unilaterally access funds. Not our CEO. Not the Queen of England
  • Private keys don’t leave Hardware Security Modules where funds are stored, a cryptographic best practice
Responsive Desing IconAES-256 Encryption

Secure software on desktop and mobile

  • The Wallet and Exchange both support 2FA, use AES-256 encryption, and private keys for custodied funds are stored in FIPS 140-2 certified devices
  • enforces TLS 1.2 for Internet-facing applications and audits support cypher periodically
  • Strong cyphers are used to enforce storage encryption across the cloud and physical facilities
Bitcoin Code IconPrivate Keys

The most-used cryptographic software in the world

  • Client-side private key management is not unique to, but at our scale is the most-used cryptographic tool in the hands of millions
  • If you own your private keys, you own your crypto
  • Zero knowledge proofs and private key management are the foundation of cryptocurrency
Touch Id Lock IconPrivacy and Trust

We help you keep your crypto and your data secure

  • We do not track non-custodial funds held in Private Key Wallets, we only keep track of funds in Accounts that are custodied by
  • All Personally Identifiable Information is stored in Google Cloud Platform, secured by best in class digital security.
  • Our compliance team ensures that we follow and are compliant with AML and KYC regulations globally so that you can trust and any counterparty
Bug Bounty Logo Icon

Bug bounty program

Should you find any existing or zero-day issues, we encourage you to report them through the bug bounty program. If validated and fixed you will earn up to $2,000 as a reward

Visit Bug Bounty

Take control of your crypto security

Secure your account

  • Choose a unique password
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Write down your Secret Private Key Recovery Phrase, store offline, and don't share it with anyone

Always follow security best practices

  • Keep your information private

    Never give out your backup phrase, pairing code, or access to your Wallet

  • Protect your Secret Private Key Recovery Phrase

    Physically write down and secure your passwords

  • Only reach out on verified channels


  • Bookmark our website

    Avoid clicking on links or attachments in suspicious emails

Stay alert. Be skeptical.

The support team and other employees will never initiate contact to ask for your password, backup phrase, or access to your Wallet.

All customer communication is through our support center.