Zoma Boost mattress review: rest, recover and recharge

The Zoma Boost mattress is built for sleepers with active lifestyles — but how does it live up to this claim?

The Zoma Boost mattress on a bed
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TechRadar Verdict

Suitable for most sleep styles, the luxurious 15” Zoma Boost has six layers to help you recharge during the night. The only downsides of this hybrid bed-in-a-box include its higher-than-expected motion transfer and its pretty hefty $1,349 starting price, while heavier sleepers might find the mattress too soft.


  • +

    Luxurious and comfortable

  • +

    Sleeps cool

  • +

    Pressure relief for joints

  • +

    Promotes good spinal alignment


  • -

    Expensive hybrid mattress

  • -

    Motion transfer might affect light sleepers

  • -

    Might be too soft for heavier individuals

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Zoma Boost mattress: two-minute review

US-based Zoma is known for making mattresses for athletes. So it comes as no surprise that its newest mattress on the market, the Zoma Boost, is specifically designed for people who lead active lifestyles. Having tested the mattress out for 21 days, it’s fair to say the bed-in-a-box lives up to these claims. Night after night I woke up feeling recharged, refreshed and ready to seize the day, so much so that I consider the Zoma Boost to be one of the best mattresses for recovery in 2023. 

The chunky 15” hybrid mattress is a little slice of luxury at home. It’s made up of six layers of pure spinal-alignment-heaven. Its advanced cooling cover delivers an easy, breezy night’s slumber, while its graphite-infused Energex Memory Foam wicks away heat and works hard to keep you cool. Then comes its Quilted Gel Foam Layer to offer support. This is followed by the brand’s Reactiv Foam layer, which helps to eat up motion in the bed and stops you sinking. The fifth layer is made up of Zoma’s dynamic edge coils which promotes proper spine alignment (hello a better back), and these sit on top of the mattress’ durable and supportive base foam layer. 

The edge of the Zoma Boost mattress, showing a handle

(Image credit: Zoma)

You get a 100-night trial with the Zoma Boost, which is the minimum most brands offer. Notching up a 6 on the firmness scale, this mattress has a medium firmness to it. The contouring memory foam aspects of this hybrid help to comfortably cradle you in a soft hug without feeling like you’re stuck — or worse, sinking. I found that even when I was sleeping on my front, this mattress was still comfy, although a heavier sleeper might find this mattress slightly too soft. 

I tested the mattress in all major areas of sleep performance, rating it on edge support, cooling and pressure relief. Overall this sleep system lived up to great expectations, but I wouldn’t say this is one of the best hybrid mattresses for motion transfer, as it had a little more movement in the bed than I would have liked. It’s also pretty heavy — the queen size weighs 130 pounds. Plus, there was a strong off-gassing smell that took around four days to fully dissipate. Read on to learn more and decide whether or not the Zoma Boost is worth your money. 

Zoma Boost mattress review: price

  • A premium mattress, price wise 
  • Regular sales mean a queen usually costs around $1,599
  • Free shipping, although expect to pay a processing fee if returned within 30 days 

The Zoma Boost is the brand’s most luxurious mattress, and also its most expensive option, too. Prices start from around the $1,300 mark for a twin and go as high as $2,800. Zoma regularly runs a sale which knocks a couple of $100 off the MSRP., but either way, this means the mattress sits in the premium mattress market. 

To help you navigate the world of mattresses (and make sure you don’t pay anymore for one than you need to) I’ll be focusing on the regular sale price in this section. At the time of writing this, you could get a Queen sized Zoma Boost for $1,599 (instead of the MSRP of $1,749).

  • Twin size: MSRP $1,349 (normally sells for $1,199)
  • Twin XL size: MSRP $1,449 (normally sells for $1,299)
  • Full size: MSRP $1,549 (normally sells for $1,399)
  • Queen size: MSRP $1,749 (normally sells for $1,599)
  • King size: MSRP $1,949 (normally sells for $1,799)
  • California king size: MSRP $1,949 (normally sells for $1,799)
  • Split king size: MSRP $2,748 (normally sells for $2,598)

These prices might change throughout the year, but to make sure you get a deal, do keep your eye on our mattress sales guide as it’s updated regularly and includes all the need-to-know discounts worth giving some thought to. When you buy this Zoma Boost, you can enjoy free 3-7 day shipping. Once your mattress has been shipped, you can schedule your preferred delivery day and you’ll also get a tracking number to keep up to date with its location. There is the option of white glove delivery for $125.

If you decide this mattress isn’t right for you, you can return it for free. Although if you return it within the first 30 days, you will be subject to an early $99 early processing fee. But it’s not all bad news. Upon removing a returned mattress from your home, Zoma partners with charities to repurpose it within the community. Unlike many of the best hybrid mattresses, Zoma doesn’t offer the option of a bundle with this bed. 

Zoma Boost mattress review: specs

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Price (queen size)MSRP $1,749 (usually sold at $1,599)
FirmnessMedium-firm (6/10)
MaterialsMemory foam, foam, coils
Depth15 inches
SizesTwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split king
DeliveryFree standard delivery, $125 white glove
Trial period100 nights
Warranty10 years

Zoma Boost mattress review: materials and design

  • Hybrid mattress with foam and coils
  • Memory foam infused with graphite for a cool sleep
  • CertiPUR-US-certified

Do you get hot when you sleep? If so, you might benefit from a mattress that uses cutting edge sleep technology to help keep you cool, just like the Zoma Boost. The mattress has a cooling cover and a layer of graphite-infused memory foam. According to the brand, this cooling foam helps to wick away the heat and regulate your body temperature. It also prevents the build up of moisture within the other foam layers which can be very beneficial if you sleep hot. 

The edge of the Zoma Boost mattress, showing the logo

(Image credit: Zoma)

Then comes its Quilted Gel Foam Layer which provides extra support for your frame, while the Reactiv Foam layer helps to eat up any movement in the bed and stop you from sinking. The chunky mattress’ fifth layer is its Dynamic Edge Coils, which are included to support your spine and help you fall into a deep and peaceful sleep. The final addition is its Durable Base Foam which makes for a solid structure.  

Manufactured in the US, the Zoma Boost is made using eco-friendly processes. This includes the all-important CertiPUR-US-certification, meaning it’s free of harmful chemicals and low in volatile organic compounds, and making it better for you and for the planet. 

Design score: 5 out of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: comfort

The comfort of a mattress all comes down to personal preference. But on the firmness scale, Zoma ranks the Boost as a 6 out of 10, making it a medium firm bed. I’d agree with this rating. 

Usually I sleep on a firm spring mattress, so it took me a good few nights to get used to this softer hybrid feel. However I found that when I woke up I felt refreshed and ready to go, which is always a good sign. 

When you lay down on the Boost, you feel like your body is in recovery mode. That’s because the Boost has a definite contoured feeling, but thanks to its Reactiv Foam layer, you don’t feel like you are being swallowed whole or suspended in one position. When you lay down, the memory foam layers gently envelop around your body, cradling it on top of the bed and each time you find a different position the bed responds to your movement. 

This helped to take pressure off my hip and shoulder joints, support my lower back and promote better spinal alignment no matter whether I tossed and turned from my front, back or side. As someone who rolls between every kind of sleep position imaginable, once I was used to the softer mattress feel, I found the Boost to be comfortable enough for my 132lbs frame. 

My partner, who is 6ft and weighs 165 lbs, found the Boost to be a comfortable sleep solution, but he also found this mattress to be softer than he would have originally liked, compared to his preferred firm feel. He was happy enough on the Boost, although I wouldn’t say this mattress is particularly supportive for a much heavier individual. 

A weight on the Zoma Boost mattress

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

To really test and see with my own eyes how much sinkage there was with the Boost, I used an 8kg kettlebell weight and placed it in the middle of the mattress. The memory foam curved around the weight and according to my measuring tape, it sank 1.5 inches which is pretty standard with a medium firm mattress. 

Generally speaking, memory foam is known for retaining heat — but not the Boost. Sleeping hot was not a problem. 

Comfort score: 3.5 out of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: temperature regulation

  • Graphite-infused memory foam wicks away body heat
  • Very good temperature regulation for a hybrid design 
  • Zero issues with keeping you cool

One of the best things about the Zoma Boost is its temperature regulation features. Topped with the advanced cooling cover, the first layer of the mattress is infused with cooling fibers which helps to absorb heat for a cool sleep. When you touch the memory foam layer, it gently molds to your hand without feeling like it’s starting to heat up. While its second graphite-infused memory foam layer works hard to wick away heat so you can remain focused on sleeping. 

A hand pressing down on the Zoma Boost mattress

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

According to the brand, this layer also digs deep to improve air flow between the foam layers and prevents heat from being trapped. Being too warm is a major sleep disruptor and some mattress materials are better at dissipating heat than others — and even though the Boost contains memory foam (which often has a bad rep for retaining heat) it scores top marks for temperature regulation. For context, I tested this mattress during April and May so temperatures were around 57 degrees fahrenheit. But even still, I was wearing cotton pajamas and using cotton sheets and duvet covers along with a silk pillowcase, and I didn’t find this mattress to run hot on any occasion. 

Temperature regulation score: 5 out of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: motion isolation

  • Scored highly in all but one of our motion transfer tests
  • Not ideal for restless sleepers

Good motion isolation is crucial if you or your partner tends to toss and turn in their sleep. If a mattress has good motion isolation qualities, it can help absorb the motion in the bed when you or your partner turns, gets up or gets into bed. 

I found the Boost to have more movement than I would have expected with a premium hybrid mattress as I could feel my partner turning in bed on certain nights. But to help objectively test the motion isolation, I placed an empty wine glass in the center of the mattress, and dropped an 8kg kettlebell onto the mattress at 4, 10 and 25 inches away from it. This test is designed to measure motion transfer, mimicking someone else in the bed moving position and getting in and out of bed.

A wine glass, weight and tape measure on the Zoma Boost mattress

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

When I dropped the kettlebell 4 inches away from the wine glass, it toppled over. When I dropped the weight at 10, the glass wobbled and at 25 inches the glass remained upright. Zoma claims to use its Reactiv Foam layer to help absorb motion and while it does this on most occasions, it is not consistent. Compared to other hybrid mattresses I have tested, I think there are better mattresses out there for isolating movement. 

Motion isolation score: 3.5 out of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: edge support

  • Good edge support around the full perimeter of the mattress
  • Felt fully confident sitting on the side of the bed
  • Even sinkage throughout the mattress

Mattresses aren’t cheap. So when you invest in a mattress you want to ensure the edge support is up to scratch so you can sit, sleep and lay across every inch of it. The Boost passed this test. No matter where I sat or lay, and even on the edge of the bed, it didn’t feel like I was going to roll out of the bed. It was also easy to get out of the bed. 

A weight on the edge of the Zoma Boost mattress. with a tape measure showing its sinkage

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

To test the edge support with my own eyes, I used my 8kg kettlebell weight to provide a measurement of sinkage at each side of the bed and at the bottom, and measured it with a tape measure. The results showed the mattress sunk around 1.5inches, which is pretty standard for a medium-firm mattress. No matter where I tested the sinkage, it seemed to show the same results. 

Edge support score: 5 out of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: setup

  • Mattress delivered vacuum-packed, rolled and boxed
  • Free shipping 
  • Super heavy to move 

Most hybrid mattresses come pre packed, rolled and bundled into a box. And the Zoma Boost is no different. When you purchase this mattress you get free shipping and you’re able to use the FedEx Delivery Manager to schedule your preferred delivery day once you get a notification that the mattress has been shipped. This can take between 3-7 days. You’ll also get given a tracking number so you can watch your mattress’ movements and ensure it’s making its way to you. Mattresses are heavy — the Zoma Boost included. So if you wanted, for a price of $125, you have the choice of  white glove delivery. 

The Zoma Boost mattress in its box

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

When the Zoma Boost arrived, it was in a box and wrapped in a tight plastic wrapper. The setup of the bed took me longer than I would have liked (30 minutes in total) as it was a heavy mattress. The full size weighs 112 pounds and the queen size weighs 130 pounds, so it  was pretty tricky to maneuver. However, I eventually managed to roll the bed out of the box, and rip the packaging around it. Once it was on the bed, it literally sprang out of its plastic covers and expanded. Within minutes, it looked like it was ready to sleep on. Zoma states that you can lie on your mattress right away but it might take up to 8 hours to fully expand. 

The Zoma Boost mattress on a bed, wrapped in plastic

(Image credit: Becks Shepherd)

When a bed in a box mattress starts to expand, there can be an off-gassing smell. And there was a noticeable one with the Boost. To really get a sense of how strong the smell was, I left the bedroom door closed. Around five hours later, when I came back, I could still smell it. Overall this lasted for around 4 days to fully dissipate. 

Setup score: 3.5 out of 5

Zoma Boost mattress review: customer reviews

  • Five out of five stars scored across the board
  • Key positives included temperature regulation, comfort levels for rest and quality

At the moment, you can only buy the Zoma Boost via the brand’s website which makes it hard to find reviews elsewhere. As you might have guessed, on the brand’s website the Zoma Boost scores a top 5 stars out of 5 and, at the time of writing this, that’s based on six reviews. 

Customers mentioned how rested they felt after using this mattress, and one praised its soft feel while another highlighted how cool and temperature regulating this mattress is. 

Despite what I thought, some customer reviews said the mattress was able to eat up motion in the bed brilliantly as they were unable to feel their partner climbing in or out of bed. Some users also commented about the high quality of the bed.  All in all, there were no negatives mentioned about this mattress and all six reviewers scored the Zoma Boost full marks. 

Should you buy the Zoma Boost mattress?

The Zoma Boost mattress on a bed, in a bedroom

(Image credit: Zoma)

Yes... up to a point. 

If you have a problem getting to sleep and staying asleep because of temperature regulation, then this luxurious hybrid bed-in-a-box is one of the best mattresses for keeping you cool, with an advanced cooling cover and graphite-infused memory foam layer working hard to wick away heat. Plus, the Boost is brilliant at offering pressure relief for joints no matter what position you find yourself in. It also promotes spinal alignment thanks to the Zoned Edge Coil Supports, and its Reactiv Foam layer reacts to your movement, meaning you won’t get stuck in one position. If you really enjoy having a contoured feeling when you sleep and like a medium firm mattress, the Boost is ideal. 

However, all this quality comes at a price and for the Boost you’ll pay a premium. Prices start at around $1,349 and go up to $2,748 depending on the size you choose. This mattress also had a bit more movement than expected, so it might affect light sleepers especially if you toss and turn or you sleep with a partner who does. The mattress is also very heavy — which isn’t a problem if you have two people setting it up. I would also say this medium firm mattress isn’t particularly supportive for heavier sleepers, especially if you tend to sleep on your front. 

Zoma Boost mattress review: also consider

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Header Cell - Column 0 Zoma BoostSaatva ClassicThe AllswellHelix Midnight
Queen size priceMSRP $1,749 (usually sold at $1,599)MSRP $1,749 (usually sold at $1,599)MSRP $1,749 (usually sold at $1,599)MSRP $1,749 (usually sold at $1,599)
FirmnessMedium-firm (6/10)Plush - firm (3 to 8/10)Medium-firm (7/10)Medium (5-6/10)
MaterialsMemory foam, foam, coilsOrganic cotton, memory foam, pocketed coilsQuilted memory foam, polyfoam and pocketed coilsMemory foam, polyfoam, wrapped coils
Depth15 inches11.5 or 14.5 inches10 inches12 inches
SizesTwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split kingTwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split kingTwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split kingTwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split king
DeliveryFree standard delivery, $125 white gloveFree white glove deliveryFreeFree
Trial period100 nights365 nights100 days100 nights
Warranty10 yearsLifetime10 years10 years

Saatva Classic
Coming with similar features, including brilliant temperature regulation, great spinal alignment and a hybrid feel, the Saatva Classic Mattress gives your premium features without the price tag. It’s suitable for all sleeper styles and comes with free white glove delivery.
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The Allswell
Budget-friendly? Tick. Hybrid in style? Tick. Sleep cool? Tick. With a starting price of $339 for a twin The Allswell mattress is a brilliant pocket-friendly option which gives you a lot for your money. It also has good enough motion support to help you sleep easy.
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Helix Midnight
Coming with brilliant spinal alignment, side sleepers could really benefit from the 5-layer hybrid Helix Midnight mattress. The temperature regulation is also excellent and if you tend to sleep hot, there is an option to upgrade the mattress with a specialist cooling cover. While the motion isolation is top class.
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How I tested the Zoma Boost mattress

To really test out this mattress, I slept on the Zoma Boost for 21 nights throughout the month of April. At the time of testing, temperatures ranged from 44°F to 57°F. So temperatures were not particularly warm throughout the night. 

During testing I used cotton sheets, a cotton duvet cover and a silk pillowcase. My partner slept with me in the bed during the course of the 21 day period and he also gave his opinion on the mattress, ranking it on comfort, performance, motion isolation and temperature regulation. I also ran standardized tests to objectively assess softness, edge support, and motion isolation using a tape measure, an 8kg kettlebell and a wine glass. 

Becks Shepherd

Becks is a lifestyle journalist who specialises in writing about wellness and home products, from mattresses to weighted blankets and cooling comforters. She loves a good pillow for drifting off easily at night, as well as a snug duvet for cozier sleeping.